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[Samsung smart Things] How to reduce electricity cost? IoT solves

잭잭(JAKJAC) 2018. 12. 25.
We live in world of electronics. Actually, your home is already full of electronic gadgets, home appliances, and so on.

So, naturally electricity cost also grow up according to growth of electronics.

Then, How to reduce it?

Samsung electronics and MOTIE(Ministry Of Trade, Industry and Energy) from Republic of Korea, Suggested "Smart Energy Service"

1. What is Smart Energy?
"Smart Energy" is a kind of Energy Demand Response policy using by Internet of Things solution.

2. Demand-Supply of Energy
The main key is Demand and supply.
Electricity price is depand on usage and SMP(System Marginal Price, meaning of maximum electricity cost per hour). So, if outdoor temperature goes up, people would turn on Air conditioner, electricity demand on hour would be goes up. It increases SMP.

3. Structure of Smart Energy
Samsung and MOTIE developed new tool, to control Energy Demand of People.

So, they used two method.

First, incentive.

Second, Measure.

Last, Suggest.
Finally, they noticed Smart Energy program. Additionally, they send a Nation DR Signal and people accepted their Request.

4. Future of energy savings.
Evolution of IoT technology would makes ecological world. It makes more beautiful future.

Smart Energy is prologue of Energy savings using by IoT technology. If IoT technology applied to all Appliances and All Electricity Generator? Humanity manages their resource efficiently, it makes clean earth.

Let's see the evolution of energy saving technology.



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