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Let's Learn About Plastic Injection Moulding Process

잭잭(JAKJAC) 2018. 10. 23.

Jackson's Class:Industrial World

Let's study about Plastic Injection Moulding Process

Let's study about Plastic Injeciton Moulding Process


◇ Introduction : What is "Injection Moulding"?

The meaning of Injection is the act of putting a liquid (especially, Melted Resin)

Where to put? Actually, Injection moulding is the process of Melt a resin, Inject a Melted Resin into the Mould, Cool a Resin, Take out a Moluded Material.

Actually, There are many Plastics are surround us. In case of a Car, Cock-Fit, Bumper are Plastics. Additionally, Back body of a TV is also Plastics, and Case of Shampoo, Soda are Plastics.

There are many Plastics are made by Injection Moulding Processing.


So, Why is Plastic Injection Moluding so much used?

First of all, it is the best way for mass production.

Secondly, It guarantees Uniform design according to Injection Moulding Tool


Structure of Injection Machine
Structure of Injection machine


◇ Lesson 1  :  Three Factors of Injection Moulding

So, What is the Requirement for Injection Moulding?

We can understand an Injection Moulding using a Goldfish Baking Machine.

Example of Tooling


Injection Mould is like a Fish-shaped Mould

Resin is like a Dough,

Injection Machine is Like a Gold-Fish Cake Machine.




Injection Machine




Lesson 2  :  Injection Moulding Process

Plastic Injection Moulding Process consists of Calculating, Filling, Packing, Cooling and Take out.

  ▶ Calculating (Putting a enough Resin into a Machine) 

  ▶ Filling (Melting a resin and injecting a Melted Resin into a Mould) 

  ▶ Packing (Apply heat and pressure to fill the mould) 

  ▶ Cooling (When the shape of the resin is equipped, the temperature is lowered to solidify the shape) 

  ▶ Take out (Remove the injection mould from the mould and prepare for the first cycle again)


◇ Lesson 3 : Use of Plastic Injection

The use of Plastic injection can be classified into three types.

Obviously, the technical difficulty and the required quality of the exterior or functional parts are higher than the invisible interior materials. However, it can be managed to reduce the quality cost and the cost.






- Composition of product appearance

  (Aesthetic function Required)

- Directly contact with Consumer 

  (Requires Stain Resistance, Safety)

- Importance of CMF

  (Color, Material, Finishing)

- High Quality level is required because there are many transparent Injection such as Display Item)

- ABS resin is easy to be plated, PC is widely used because of transparency.

- Smartphone Cover

- Air Conditioner Case Body


- Inside of Product

- Mass Production are needed

- PP Resin are widely used because of Cheap Price and Easy to Mass Production.

- Except Up and Down


- Designed for Specific specification

- High Rigidity, High Heat Resistance, High Performance

- There are many Engineering Plastics are used such as PEEK 

- Air Conditioner Fan

- Fuel Tube of Car

Next time. Let's study more about injection moulding.


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